Axanthic Ball Python

Axanthic means lack of yellow. As hatchlings,axanthics are a crisp silver/gray, white, and black. Its almost like you took your baby ball and dressed him up in an Oakland Raider jersey. As axanthics age some of them develop a brown coloration to them, while others maintain their distinct juvenile appearance. There are several different lines of axanthics, most of which arent compatible with each other. The nicest axanthics in my opinion are the VPI line. That is the only line that I`m working with. The Barkers proved axanthics as a simple recessive morph back in 1997. The VPI line axanthics look the best as adults, and have been responsible for making the nicest "snows".Popularity is defintely on the upswing for the axanthics. I feel the axanthic bumblebee produced by NERD in 2006 is largely responsible for the morphs resurgence. I think that spiders and pinstripes would be great morphs to mix with axanthics as well.