Black Pastel Ball Python

Black Pastels are a co-dominant morph that was first proven genetic in 2002. They are similar in appearance and genetics to the Cinnamon Pastel, yet different.The Black Pastels tend to be darker than Cinnamons.Its kind of like comparing dark chocolate to regular chocolate. Though the outward appearance of the two morphs is subtle, it does make a difference in what they produce. For example, a Pewter produced by a Black Pastel looks different than a Pewter produced by a Cinnamon Pastel. To further confuse things, the Blacks and Cinnamons have proven to be compatible. When bred to each other the "super" form is a solid dark brown/black morph with a solid white underside. I feel that the best black ball is produced by mixing these two morphs. The genetic diversity of the two morphs combine to produce a superior designer ball.