Black Pewter Ball Python

First produced in 2003, the Black Pewter is a designer snake that was created by breeding a Black Pastel to a regular Pastel. Statistically this breeding would produce 25% normals, 25%pastels, 25% black pastels and 25% black pewters. Black pewters have a very pale tan/grey base color with extreme fading dorsally as well as laterally. They also have a clear white belly. The Black Pewter is a great morph to work with from a genetic standpoint because there`s so much you can do with them.Just by breeding one to a pastel you can get a clutch with pastels, super pastels, black pastels, black pewters, and the absolutely amazing silver streak. The Silver Streak is a solid silver snake. My male Black Pewter is a sibling to the first Silver Streak ever produced. I cant wait to get him up to breeding size and introduce him to a few of my female pastels. With a little good fortune I could be hatching Pewters and Silver Streaks in 2007.