Blue Ghost Ball Python

The Blue Ghost was hatched in 2011, it is a joint project with my friend George Knaack of GLK Herp. My male HoneyBee was bred to a het ghost owned by George. The rest of the clutch was a normal mixture of ghosts, honeybees, spiders het ghost and het ghosts ... but there was this one baby that looked like it didn`t belong in this clutch. She was a silvery blue as a hatchling and then turned more blueish grey as she`s aged. We`re not sure if this is genetic or just some sort of fluke. I`m in the process of raising up the lone " Blue " female so that she can be bred back to her HoneyBee father. It sure would be something to one day see a few blue heads poking out of their eggs , only time will tell ...wish us luck !!!