Bumblebee Ball Python

The Bumblebee is an outrageous looking designer ball that was first produced in 2001. It was the second designer ball ever created. A Bumblebee is made by breeding a spider to a pastel. The end result of this combination should be an equal number of normals, pastels,spiders, and bumblebees. Bumblebees are tremendously popular because they are just plain awesome looking. You take all the great looks of a spider and then splash it with bright yellow.The end result is one of the most dramatic and impressive looking ball pythons ever produced. I was fortunate enough to produce a beautiful male "bee" this season.I`ve hatched out a good number of ball pythons, but i can honestly say that I`ve never been more excited than when I hatched out my Bumblebee. I look forward to raising him up and breeding him to lots of different female morphs in the future.