Clown Ball Python

The clown is a beautiful recessive morph that is both a color as well as a pattern mutation. They have a bizarre head pattern, a full irregular dorsal stripe and lightly colored sides that vary from a reduced pattern to totally patternless. Clowns are also distinguished by the fact that their color actually lightens as they as age.

Clowns were proven genetic in 1999 by VPI.Even though they`ve been around for a few years now, clowns are more popular and in demand than ever before. I feel that this is due to the fact that clowns are such a great mutation to mix with other morphs. In 2005 we saw the pastel clown and the albino clown, both of these spectacular snakes were produced by Brian Barczyk. When it comes to "designer clowns", we are just beginning to scratch the surface. I look forward to producing lots of clowns and then mixing them with just about everything!