Ghost Ball Python

The ghost or hypomelanistic ball python is a lightly colored animal that lacks the typical black or dark pigments associated with normal balls.Another characteristic of ghosts is that they "shed clear". Meaning their sheds appear to have come from an animal with no pattern. Ghosts come in a variety of phases, I`m currently working with the orange, butterscotch, and yellow lines of this morph. I feel that ghosts are vastly underrated. Beautiful in their own right, and an essential element for some of the most desireable designer morphs out there. In addition to producing ghosts themselves, I hope to mix them with spiders, mojaves, pinstripes, pastels and clowns. I have a couple of adult ghosts, but with all the breeding options available I wish I had more. They are one of the few morphs that has increased in value over the last few years. You really cant go wrong by investing in ghosts.