Lemon Blast Ball Python

The Lemon Blast is a beautiful designer morph that is created by breeding a pinstripe to a pastel. Lemon Blasts combine the intricate fine-line pattern of the pinstripe and the bright yellow color of the pastel. They also have solid white bellies and pale amber/green eyes. The pinstripe X pastel breeding should statistically produce an even number of normals, pinstripes, pastels, and Lemon Blasts. This is an awesome morph to breed into other morphs. The triple morphs created by breeding a Lemon Blast to a pastel and to a spider are among my all-time favorites. Just by breeding it to normal females you should get 25% Lemon Blasts. I hatched out my first Lemon Blasts in 2007. I`ve got big plans for these guys !!!