Lesser Platinum Ball Python

The Lesser Platinum was first produced in 2001, by Ralph Davis Reptiles. This highly attractive co-dominant morph is definitely one of the most important ball pythons to come along in recent years.When two Lesser Platinums are bred to each other the result is 25% normals,50% lessers,and 25% leucistics. The "super" form is a pure white snake with blue eyes! If that isnt enough, Lessers will also produce leucistics when bred to a Mojave. In fact, by introducing a Lesser into your Mojave project you will produce a cleaner, more pure white snake. In addition to being THE vital element in the luecistic project, lessers have done amazing things when bred to pinstripes, spiders, womas and pastels just to name a few. If you want to really produce some killer designer ball pythons, then you need to have Lesser Platinums in your collection.