Mojave Ball Python

It seems that with each passing year, the Mojave ball increases in popularity as well as importance. The Mojave was proven genetic in 2000 by the Sutherlands. Its hard to fully appreciate their beauty without seeing one in person. I initially purchased one more for the investment aspect as opposed to the asthetic. When I received my Mojave, my initial thought was "wow, this is REALLY a nice looking ball". In 2003 the first designer mojave was produced by crossing it with a ghost,the second Mojave cross was produced the following year by breeding it to a pastel. In late 2004,the first "Super Mojave" was produced.The super form is a blue-eyed leucistic{white} snake with slight grey/lavender head markings and faint yellow dorsal markings. In the past it was thought that either a platinum or a lesser platinum was needed to produce a "blue-eyed Lucy". We now know that two mojaves can make a white snake!

In 2005 we produced our first clutches of Mojaves as well as one clutch of Mojaves het ghost.