Pastel Ball Python

Pastels burst into the ball python world in 1997. They are characterized by vivid black and yellow coloring, faded saddles and pale eyes. This impressive looking ball is a co-dominant morph. Prices on pastels have been more than stable over the last few years. Females were actually selling for more in 2004 than they were in 2001 when I got into them. If someone is looking to get into the "morph game", pastels are a great way to start. They are relatively inexpensive and when mixed with other morphs they seem to enhance everything. I am currently working with three different bloodlines, a few breeder males and a plethora of females. With super pastels, bumble bees, lemon blasts, and pewters you seemingly can't have enough female pastels. I should produce several clutches of pastels this season and with some good fortune a few of the previously mentioned designer morphs as well.