Pastel Sugar Ball Python

The Pastel Sugar is an exciting designer morph created by breeding a ...pastel to a Sugar. No complicated genetics here, just a really cool looking combo morph. The Pastel Sugar was my favorite addition to my collection in 2008. Initially I was going to just get a Sugar male and bred it into my group of female pastels. But when I had the opportunity to get a male Pastel Sugar I just couldn`t resist. The Pastel Sugar is closely related to a Pastel Calico, the main difference is that Pastel Sugars are also blackbacks. In my experience I`ve also found the Sugars to be higher white. There`s just something about this guys that blow me away. I think from a genetic standpoint this is an extremely important morph to have. There are just so many things you can do with it. I really look forward to seeing all the spectacular new morphs created using Pastel Sugars.