Piebald Ball Python

Proven genetic by Peter Kahl in 1997, the piebald ball python is among the most impressive looking balls ever produced. They are characterized by varying amounts of solid porcelein white. Whether a "high-white" or a "low-white", every piebald is both beautiful and unique. The amount of white on a piebald is not directly inheritable. Thus a pair of 10% pied white parents can throw a clutch of 90% pied white offspring and vice versa. I personally think the 40%-60% animals look the most stunning. In 2005 pieds were taken to a new level when they were crossed with pastels and lavender albinos. This new wave of "designer pieds" is going to be absolutely INSANE. I cant wait to see what pieds will do when they are crossed into other morphs. I think the designer pieds will further increase the demand for the already coveted piebald. I`m looking forward to breeding pieds with pastels,cinnamons, and a few others. In 2006 we are expecting pieds,100% het pieds,and pastels het pied.