Pinstripe Ball Python

The pinstripe is a spectacular looking and highly coveted ball python. The most distinguishable feature of this morph is a series pinstripes decorating the snake both dorsally as well as laterally. Pinstripes also have a very light overall coloration to them and a solid white belly.

The first pinstripes were produced by Brian and Lori Barczyk of BHB enterprises in 2001, they are also responsible for the first designer pinstripes. To date,the "pins" have been crossed with pastels, spiders, lesser platinums, and ghosts. All of the designer pinstripes are truly breathtaking. Since this mutation is both a pattern as well as a color morph I feel the pinstripes potential to be virtually limitless.

I`ve spoken to other pinstripe owners and everyone seems to characterize them the same way... Inquisitive and outgoing with a very healthy appetite. In 2005 we produced our first pinstripes.