Yellow Belly Ball Python{Het Ivory}

At first glance, many people would look at a yellow belly and think they were looking at nothing more than a fancy normal. Sure, they have a light spot on the top of their head,flame like markings coming up their sides, their pattern is outlined in yellow,and they have abberrant yellow markings along the sides of their bellies. Kinda cool... but so what. Right? Wrong!!! In 2003 TSK bred two yellow bellies together and produced a white snake, with dark ruby eyes and a yellow vertebral stripe... The Ivory Ball. The Ivory is the "super" form of a yellow belly X yellow belly breeding. The yellow belly itself is thus proven to be a genetic co-dominant trait. Subsequently, yellow bellies have also done wonderful and bizarre things when mixed with pastels, granites, and mojaves.I plan to experiment with breeding yellow bellies into other morphs as well as weird "normals".The untapped potential of this morph is virtually limitless. We produced our first yb`s in 2006.